The Advantages of EVA Case

EVA is characterized by good flexibility, rubber-like flexibility and good flexibility of -50. Surface gloss, good chemical stability, anti-aging and ozone resistance. It is safer and non-toxic than other materials.

The biggest feature of EVA case is that it can better protect the contents of the case. If you own expensive electronic equipment, precision measuring equipment or products with glass parts, it is very suitable for custom EVA case. EVA has a unique molded foam interior. The inside can be molded to the exact size of the enclosure or die-cut foam can be added to provide additional protection.

The EVA case has many other advantages:

1. The tool is low cost and cost effective. This is a green material.

2. Stylish waterproof. It's easier to carry around and you can customize bubble insertion options.

3. Embroidery labels, embossed logos and molded rubber logos. We can provide customers with various signs to play their brand.

4. Cut foam, cut EVA foam, and shape internal components such as EVA trays. It can provide double protection for production.