How to Pack Your Hand Luggage Bag (Kids)

Are you a kid going on holiday via aeroplane, and you don't know how to pack your hand luggage bag? Well, this article is for you!


  1. 1Get your bag. It should be lightweight, comfortable to hold, and the right size (some airlines have rules to say a bag can't be over a certain size).
  2. 2Check the weight limit to hand luggage. The average is about 5kg, but airlines have a smaller limit, and some have no limit.
  3. 3How long is the flight going to be? The longer it will be, the more amusements you will want.
  4. 4Write a list of things you will want on the aeroplane, and on the holiday. You might want to consider:
  5. 5Books. Don't pack more than about 4 books, as they are heavy, and sometimes a bit difficult to pack.
  6. 6Magazines or comics. Some websites will send you free magazines and comics (The British Heart Foundation send out their 'Healthy Heart' Magazine to members of the UK monthly, and it is quite a thick magazine), but it is better to buy them, as you will be able to get the types that you like. Try to pick ones which you will be able to read more than once.
  7. 7Dolls, toys or teddies. If you have a certain doll, toy or teddy that you know you will need, pack it! If you have a teddy you can't sleep without, pack it!
  8. 8Portable Gaming Systems. Remember any chargers, ear phones and insert able games - for example, a DSi is useless without games!
  9. 9If you have fragile things, wrap them in tissues, socks or anything else that will keep them unbroken!
  10. 10Pack the least important things first, and then the second most, and then the most important. You don't want to have to go all through your bag to find your passport, do you?
  11. 11Find out if you are allowed fluids in your hand luggage, and if so, what is the maximum amount.
  12. 12If you are allowed fluids, the most you are usually allowed per container is 100ml. Generally, all fluids have to go together in a small, clear plastic bag, to be removed when you go through security. If you really need fluids, give them to whoever is in charge of the clear plastic bag.
  13. 13Zip up the bag once you have packed it. Make sure that you do not overstuff the bag and that you can close it with ease at all points of time.. If your bag doesn't zip due to lots of items, take an item that you don't really need out of the bag.
  14. 14Weigh your zipped up bag. If it exceeds the weight allowance, take something out!
  15. 15Put your list of things you are taking into the bag, so you can check on the way back that you have everything.