How to Pack Your Gym Bag

Gym class can be a disaster if you don't bring the basics. Read this article to know what you should pack in preparation for your gym class.


  1. 1Get a nice, sturdy duffle bag. This is going to be your gym bag, so make sure it is big enough.
  2. 2Add a sports bottle. Fill the bottle with water - you will need it. Water is lost during exercise, so hydration is important!
  3. 3Keep a small snack, such as an apple, granola bar or some ground nuts, in your bag. You will likely be hungry after gym due to the use of energy.
  4. 4Keep a small face towel. This means you can wash your face after gym to remove the sweat.
    • If you are going to shower afterwards, keep some soap with you. You can also keep shampoo, but it will take longer and you might be late for your next class.
  5. 5Keep deodorant or perfume with you. You don't want to smell bad, so it is important that you apply these two cosmetics.
  6. 6Keep a plastic bag for the dirty gym clothes.
  7. 7Add clothes you can wear after gym. Keep something loose, because you are just going to draw attention with tight clothes.
  8. 8Keep a big piece of cloth for privacy, if desired. Have a friend hold it to cover you while you change, but make sure you do the same for them!
  9. 9Keep some lotion so you can put it on your face and hands.
  10. 10Keep some easy-to-wear shoes, like flats. You don't want to wear those sweaty, stinky gym shoes all day.
  11. 11Keep a hair comb and some hair accessories. The easiest way to do this is by keeping a hair tie, hair clips and hair brush, so you can quickly fix your hair in a messy bun or sleek ponytail.