How to Make a Party Bag for Teen Girls

Every girl wants a party, but why let your guests go home empty handed? This article has a few tips about how to make a cheap and cheerful!

  1. 1Find cute bags! If you can't find any cute bags, try going into a cheap shop like home bargains, and buy brown lunch bags, print off pics of your friends' favourite things, and decorate your bag with the pics.
  2. 2Go into a pound shop and buy best friend photo frames. Print off pics of you and your friend and put it into your friends' photo frame. Also, buy each friend their favourite colour of lippy.
  3. 3Add a sweet or two in. Try to include your friends' favourite sweets as it's more meaningful.
  4. 4Go into a shop and buy crazy glasses! You can take photos and upload them to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  5. 5Add your friends' favourite colour of nail polish!